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→ The Do's and Don'ts of Ouija Boards


As Halloween fast approaches, the use of Ouija boards is growing rapidly. Ouija boards are a fun tool that can be used to contact spirits from other realm, but taking necessary precautions is strongly advised. Here you will find my general UPG on the subject and some ways to protect yourself…

What to do? My love/hate relationship with my 3/4” lobes



   I have been feeling really discontent lately. I have been feeling self-conscious like never before. And this, is directly related to my stretched lobes. I started stretching them when I was very young, I think I was 13? and I am 21 now…

   I work at a 5 diamond hotel and I feel uncomfortable that i am the only tattooed, stretched ear-ed, bad ass chick. My lobes are a direct violation of the handbook dress code and no one noticed for the longest time. I have an office job and wear my hair down almost every day. It is too much work to style my hair every day, and sometimes, a girl just wants to wear her dirty hair in a bun or ponytail. I don’t feel comfortable with this, however. I have flesh colored silicone plugs but that just looks weird.
   My manager has since realized and has said nothing. I really like this job. It can very easily turn into a career that can take me around the world. I am good at my job, and people who know me, like to work with me and respect me.
   Do you ever catch people looking at your ears and not your face? This happens to me alll the time. The other day, I had my hair in a low pony-tail and a Catering Sales Manager rudely asked me, in front of an elevator of people, “What is that in your ears??” ..the entire interaction was very rude and embarrassing. 
   It is not just this instance that has caused me to feel discontent, I have felt sick of my ears for almost a year. I don’t like the way I look with my hair up. At work, especially, I consider going back to natural ears. I looked up the procedure and did a lot of research on it.. Yet. when I am at home and with friends I think, how silly. Be yourself. You are beautiful. People are dumb. I love wearing large stones and being decorative. A friend once told me that my stretched ears make me different and that she has always love that about me.

Do you need to look “normal” to be professional/respected? 

I have a friend who explained to me, about a year ago, that she was feeling the same as I do now.. and I thought it was completely ridiculous that she didn’t want stretched ears anymore.

Is this feeling a phase?? or is stretched ears a phase? 

I am constantly torn between the two and I need to talk to someone about it, in a meaningful way.

"I can’t help but feel that sometimes everything is just an illusion and nothing is as serious at it seems."


- Pisces @zodiacsociety_

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photos from chobe national park in botswana and kenya’s masai mara by (click pic) nevil lazarus, franz lanting, paul goldstein, mario moreno and marcel van oosten. august 12 is world elephant day. give current poaching trends, the african elephant will be extinct within a decade.  (see also: previous elephant posts)

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All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected 

Haha so funny

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